These are sites that you should give a gander at. Some are homies, others are just awesome. If you know of any site that we should add or want to do a link share with your site, let us know in the comment box below.

a count down to failed success…and vice versa
Official New York
NY Skateboarding
Ben Kilpatrick Photography
Fine Art for Life (tattoos)
FTK – East Coast Skateboarding Magazine
Focus – East Coast Skateboarding Magazine
Thrasher Magazine
The Berrics
Prize Fighter Cutlery
48 Blocks
Colin Sussingham’s Photography
Hopps Skateboards
Substance Skateboards
Run My Game/Acapulco Gold
5boro Skateboards
Coda Skateboards
Phaze One Skateshop
KCDC Skateshop
Autumn Skateshop
Les Bloby’s
The Skateboard Mag
Elephant Minds
Beware of Sasquatch
Square Films
Skate NC
Post 22
Skate Arizona
Nobyl Skateboards
Dept. of Skateboarding
Food on Drunk
Budi Call
Open Skateboards
Project Bushwick
F*** My Life
Overheard in New York
True Office Confessions
True Hookup Confessions
I Can Has Cheezburger / LOLCats
The Triumph of Bullshit
Post Secret
Best of Craigslist