So I decided to finally get on here and post some updates (plus updating the team section). Here is a rundown of what we have been up to…

We have been doing a lot of Instagramming with photos from our adventures (travels from Paris to Norfolk to Charlotte to SF to Richmond to Boston and so on). If you have an iPhone or Android, check us out on Instagram: @naysayerskate

Jon Wagner had the last part in a homie video called Bachelor Party.

Angel got a couple spinning tricks here.

Piro had a part on SLAP in conjunction with Paradise Wheels.

We went out to SF with Colin Read and he made a couple clips for SLAP. Here is the Night Clip, and here is the Day Clip.

Piro has been in a bunch of Colin Read’s NY Clips on SLAP, killing it. Most notably he was in the viral Subway Skating Clip. Then there was the Car Skating Clip. And he was in this Nightlights Clip. This was from the day after the “hurricane” in NYC. Here is one with random summer footage. There was also a clip featuring the whole team.

Piro won the Valentine’s Day Massacre Contest at the Skatepark of Tampa.

The Bloby’s video finally came out! Vincent got the last part. Hadrien (who also made the video) had a part too. You can check out all the other parts on the Bloby’s YouTube channel.

House of Vans session with Jon & Piro.