So this update was supposed to go up yesterday morning, but since my internetz decided to go MIA, I couldn’t post them, so here there are now. I will post the final update tonight or tomorrow, heading to the airport to fly back to NYC now.

On Wednesday we started off at Bercy, skating the ledges.

Nabi – Front Blunt. Super out of focus. Let’s call it art.

Ben filming Oliver at the university on his GoPro.

Hadrien – Nollie Nosegrind.

Vincent – Mach 10 Noseblunt.

From the university, I decided to go skate around by myself and found these sick banks on the bridge.

I also found these guys.

That night I went to hang with a friend and found this pretty view. *We all went there last night and it was no so pretty…full of people and garbage and the smell of urine.*

The next morning, me and Nabi caught the 6am train to Bordeaux. Nobody else wanted to go, so just the two of us did.

3 hours…

5boro’s Guillaume Dulout met us at the train station and let us crash with him.

Just as Guilaume was sitting down on this Eiffel Tower seat, some dude that worked there walked up to kick us out. He was bummed on us taking a photo of the chair for some reason.

We skated the skatepark for a while until the Riot Skateshop (across the street from it) opened. It is the biggest skateshop that I have ever seen and it stocks mostly hard goods. So legit.


They had the chillest dog in the planet there…which makes sense, since Bordeaux was was of the chillest places I have been. Very laid back.

This bridge had one arc for each letter of Napoleon’s full name.

Cruising to spots.

Julio rented a bike to help transport his filming gear.

We skated this spot first, which was pretty fun and sketchy at the same time. Paul – Backside Bluntslide (to forward).

We linked up with a couple Bloby’s who were there too: Kevin and Valentin. Here is a far off view of Valentin 180ing some stairs in a line.

Paul – Ollie. This was crazed because he was threading the needle between two posts to ollie pretty hefty over a bar.

So rad.


Leo Valls and Kevin Rodrigues.

Guitar Hero sesh at Paul’s.

Paul’s cat…hard the sharpest nails. Cute, but deadly.

Guillaume’s bottle from the 5boro board graphic Oliver did.

New wave.

Guillaume borrowed someone’s car so we could get to some spots on the outside of the city.

Valentin getting angles.

Eby – Beanplant Fakie.

Nabi – FS 5-0 Fakie.

Guillaume – FS Feeble.

Got rained out for our last couple hours in Bordeaux.

1st class cabin in the train back to Paris…so much more comfortable.

The train had outlets, so skate videos were watched.