It’s our third day in Paris visiting Hadrien Buhannic and the Bloby’s Crew. It has been great so far. Perfect weather, amazing spots, good people, and some productive skating. I annihilated my ankle 2 minutes into getting to the first spot, which sucked, but have been icing, soaking, and tiger balming it and was able to skate a bit yesterday. Ben Kilpatrick has shot some epic photos so far that I am sure will surface soon. In the meanwhile, here are some photos I shot on my digi.

The bus from the airport to the city to meet up with everyone at Nozbone Skateshop.

We are staying at Hadrien’s place. Here is the view out the window.

Emerica shirt, USA bag…it is like we are home!

Second spot of the second day. Hadrien Buhannic – Wallride.

Luidgi Gaydu – Wallride.

Nabi Salomon – Ally-oop wallride.

Roman Gonzalez – Frontside wallride revert.

Third spot, second day. Valentin Jutant – Bluntslide.


This dog was regulating.

Greg Dezecot and Ben Kilpatrick bumming a beggar out with their angles.

Seeking out food.


Caution: Bananas. Don’t get caught slippin’.

Ended the night at La Seine River.

Les Bloby’s.

Eby Ghafarian – Invert. No big deal… ;)