Hey doodz. So, obviously, this site hasn’t really been updated in a minute. But that is because we are hip with the times and are using Facebook as our primary form of communication to the masses. Anyway, we have been doing things, regardless of what it may have seemed like on this site. We are in the process of making another promo, which we aim to put out by the end of May. Me (Eby Ghafarian), Nabi Salomon (flow-er), and Ben Kilpatrick (photog) are going to France for a late April/early May trip. We are meeting up with Hadrien Buhannic (Naysayer) and his crew, the Bloby’s, for some shredding around Paris, and perhaps Bordeaux. Hopefully we will get some cool stuff for the promo and a rad trip clip.

So there have been some team change ups. Dylan James left the team to go pursue another opportunity in the works (which I cannot divulge just yet). It was rad having him on the team for the first year and I know he will keep doing big things. He rips, no question. But with that loss came a gain, times two. We added Tim Bennett and Jon Wagner to the team. Both all terrain destroyers. Tim has a fun, creative take on skateboarding, with the skills to back it up. Jon is a monster that skates with power and balance. So stoked to have these dudes as a part of the program. Here is the welcome video we put together from a trip out to GardenSk8 in NJ on an icy day:

The weekend before this past one was my birthday and I wanted to take a trip somewhere. At first I was going to head to AZ or Austin, TX or something, then I decided to just rent a car and take Tim and Nabi down to Richmond, VA with me. None of us had been, other than driving through, so it seemed like a good idea. Our homie Andrew Bumgarner from Charlotte, NC meet us there too. We stopped in Philly on our way down to skate some and ended up bringing our good friend, Kevin Brooks, with us, since we had room. We met up with some people we knew and got to meet other rad folk while there. Shout outs to Clement for letting us stay with him. The spots were crusty, but super fun. I know skating rocks in kinda in, but we went next level and skated on rocks in the James River. So fun! I am going to stop typing now and just leave you with the videos. The second one is a clip Nabi made.