The new (November/December) issues of Focus and FTK came out and here are our ads from each. We also had a four-page article on the Naysayer Tour, which I will share on here tomorrow with the text and photos in a larger format. If you can find a hard copy, you should totally do that though. Anyway, here are the ads:

Focus Nov/Dec Issue. Jerry Yates – Ollie. Shot by Ben Kilpatrick.

FTK Nov/Dec Issue. Hadrien Buhannic – Backside Flip. Shot by Etienne Lobelson.

Since I never posted the last ads, I guess I should do that now. From back in September/October.

Focus Sept/Oct Issue. Jerry Yates – Smith grind through kink. Shot by Ben Kilpatrick. Featured Shop: Park Delicatessen.

FTK Sept/Oct Issue. Dylan James – Stale Plant. Shot by Riot Chris. Featured Shop: Blacklist.