This time of year means only one thing: Naysayer Halloween Montage!

Well, sorry, it isn’t ready yet. We are working on it, but we have finished filming for it, just have to edit. In the meanwhile, here is a preview of things to come, in photo form. We didn’t have a real photographer out with us this time, but I did have my LX3 and snapped some shots along the way. Scroll to the bottom of this post for some old Halloween clips from the last couple years. Enjoy!

The first night of filming I met up with Maurice, Nabi, and Esti (who filmed most of the clip this year) at Columbus Circle around 11am and we geared up in costume and skated around midtown through around 8am. Lots of spots, lots of skating, lots of awkward glances, and of course, lots of kicks outs (though there were two instances where someone came to kick us out, took one look at us and just went back inside, haha). This was our gear for the night:

Maurice as MC Hammer.

Nabi as Clint Eastwood’s character “The Man With No Name.”

Esti as Tyrone Biggums from the Chapelle Show.

Me (Eby) as a robot.

We were skating some spot we found and some French girl game out of the bar across the street (Oyster Bar) and yelled at us to come have some drink when we were done. Maurice was getting a trick and as soon as he landed it we went over, mostly out of curiosity. Once inside they were offering us bottles of Grey Goose, glasses of champagne, and all the fixings.

Maurice was stoked!

I don’t drink, but I was getting sauced on cranberry juice and San Pellegrino.

Esti was in character…

When worlds collide.

Nabi got artsy with some photos of me using street construction lighting.

I tried to get a skate photo with the point & shoot, haha…not too bad. Nabi – Backlip.

By around 7am, Maurice was done. Street naps.

The next day I met up with Pat Galloway at the Astoria Skatepark to get some more clips. I think the kids skating there were both stoked and confused.

Pat was Batman. And as you can see (by his griptape), he is part of

My second costume was a “moon” man. You can’t see in this photo, but as shown in the ones of me and Pat above, the word “moon” has a double meaning (har har).

On another night, back as the robot, I got this flatbar 5050 in a line in Brooklyn…

Maurice bigspinning off the Dobbin bump.

Much more went down, but you are are going to have to wait for the montage to see it. It will either be up tomorrow night or Sunday morning, but while you are waiting, have a look at the Naysayer Halloween montage (Bummer in the City) from last year:

Bummer in the City from Naysayer Skateboards on Vimeo.

Or the Halloween clip I made the year before, titled New York, New York, Big City of Screams!