Since I am stuck here with an injury (lacerated kidney from a slam), I might as well make some update, huh? I know, most of you see this stuff on Facebook anyway. Let’s look at this site as more of an archive of what has been going on with Naysayer. Deal? Since I never posted the last two ads we ran with Focus and FTK on here, now if your chance to give them a look (assuming you didn’t already see them in the mags or on Facebook or Twitter). Afterall, the new mags are coming out any day now with new ads.

Here is Jerry Yates summoning the ghost of The King for this quick-footed 5-0 in the last FTK Magazine. The Featured Shop needs no introduction: The Skatepark of Tampa. Go spend some money with them so they are happy they carry Naysayer boards. Photo courtesy of Ben Kilpatrick.

Over in the last Focus Magazine, Hadrien Buhannic balanced this nosegrind pop out in Paris, despite the dreadful beams of those mangy cats. The Featured Shop is RAW (formerly Assemble and Conquer) out of Somerville, MA. Stop by, skate the manny pad up the street, and of course give them all the money in your pockets for whatever product that will net you. Photo courtesy of Benoit Renaux.

Oh, and it looks like the review train still had some steam. The latest Lowcard Magazine included a review of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee and NaysLayer boards. Not to mention the review of some boards from our homies over at Open Skateboards on the page right below us. Check it out and go pick up a copy of the mag at your local shop. It’s a good one.

I still haven’t really gotten started on editing the clip from the Naysayer Tour, but I have been busy…uh, who am I kidding? I’ve been skating, a lot (up until being hospitalized on Friday, so expect progress to happen since I am off my board for a while). I have most of the footage, just waiting on a couple more things. There are actually some new graphics in the works now too. “In the works,” as in still being drawn up, but they are getting close to being done. So we should have some new graphics soon than you have come to expect from us. We will try to keep some of the graphics you all love so much around for a bit too (Aliens, NaysLayer, and Biggie Stardust). Stay Sassy!