So the first ever Naysayer Tour is a wrap. The tour included Jerry Yates, Hadrien Buhannic, Maurice Leeke, Nabi Salomon, myself (Eby Ghafarian), Ben Kilpatrick, and special guests in the form of Piro Sierra (Tampa/Bronx) and two goofs from The Bloby’s Crew (Paris): Gregoire Cuadrado & Roman Gonzalez. Two weeks and over 3k miles later. The Bloby’s went back to Paris, Jerry went back to Georgia, and Ben went back to Florida. While Ben has been editing the photos from the trip (for a possible tour article), he put together a blog post of some highlights. I have re-posted it here with some corrections (but it can be seen in its original form over at his blog here). I will add some things following Ben’s post…


First Stop.. Philly!

Maurice and French Greg. Cuddle Buddies.

Piro getting his Wombat on.


Andrew Metzger- BS Smith

Jerry Cruising

Pushing for one of the most epic tricks of the trip.

Young Buck Roman.

Thanks to Greg and Asad for letting us crash at their house for 2 nights!

French Gregs nip hair.

2nd Stop…Durham, North Carolina!

Tit’s lolz

Roman with one of his many toys. haha

Thanks Dwayne for the Bday cake!

Warming up

Thanks Robert for putting us up!!

3rd stop.. A quick day in Jacksonville, FL!


Nacho Cheese Freak.

Matt Mac has 6 toes!



4th stop… Tallahassee!

Eby climbing to the top of Ray Gordon for an angle.

Pops cooked up some grub for all 12 of us. Burgers, baked beans, corn on the cob. Beer and Wine too. So good.


Greg trying to fulfill the American Stereotype.

Mr. MacMillen

Smoke Ring Kings.

The beginning of a rough night for Piro. haha

The first 11 balloons of the 500 that were filled up that night.

Mike Tuten owner of Fine Art For Life with the late night Tattoos.

And it Begins..

1 down.

Romans squeal tactics.


Nabi’s 2 sec. tattoo

French Greg’s

Had to cut out Miami, Orlando, and Skatopia, cause we were running out of time. Super quick stop in Birmingham, AL!

Ghetto Quarters


Packed up and we out to Atlanta!!

Sleep Life. Hadrien and Roman are in there too.

Skate Coach.

Skated the slide, and Eby got sandy

The Bloby’s

Charlotte Next!

Eby drove the whole time. Beast.

We Need To Pee!!

Eby’s dad’s peacock.

Eby’s nephew had some very interesting stories.

Eby Sr. passing out some feathers from his birds last molt.


Last Stop was Washington D.C.!

Freedom Plaza

The Capital of the U.S.

Jerry was trying to ollie over the rail into the bank, and he was coming so close after a few tries. This security guard came out and Jerry started to throw down for one more go, but she just started charging him. He barely got away from her chubby hands.

Back to NYC! Atouri Ca! Chiozo!

-Ben Kilpatrick


I would like to give a special shout out to the following people who helped us along the way, be it with a place to sleep or with spots or anything else:

Rick Sulz @, Jon Legere @ Project Bushwick, Park Delicatessen Skateshop (Brooklyn), Jimmy McDonald, Andrew Metzger, Asad Chaudhry, Greg Oakes, Dwayne Dixon, Nik Spaulding @ Ujamaa Boardhouse (Durham), Robert Clark, Rashad Williams, YDG Skatepark (Graham, NC), Trevor Stevens, Josh Adams, Steve Shiver, Nick Blanco, Matt MacMillen, Orly Vazquez @ Phaze One Skateshop (Tallahassee), Mike Tuten @ Fine Art For Life, Ben’s parents, Peter @ Faith Skate Supply (Birmingham), Cole Frazier, Blake Lee, David Morico, Ruin Skateshop (ATL), Blacksheep Skateshop (Charlotte), Andrew Bumgarner, my (Eby’s) parents and sister, Eric Johnson @ Kook Skateboards, the Naysayer team (especially Hadrien for filming almost the whole time, on top of skating!), Piro Sierra, The Bloby’s Crew, and Ben Kilpatrick for shooting some epic photos.

The tour was great and a lot of fun (though 100+ degrees the whole time!) and while we are going to save the best of the footage for the Naysayer video, we are working on a trip clip with some of the footage that we won’t be using. So look out for that soon. Also, we posted this clip on Facebook a while back. Our first day in Durham, NC we got rained out, but the kind folks at Your Daily Grind (YDG) Skatepark in Graham, NC gave us a place to skate. We threw this clip together from that session the same night.

Naysayer at YDG Skatepark from Naysayer Skateboards on Vimeo.

-Eby Ghafarian