We have been getting a lot of exposure in terms of product reviews this week. It started with our boards reviewed on the Transworld Japan site, as seen here. Then the NaysLayer board (standard shape, not cruiser) was reviewed in the new issue of Soma Skateboard Magazine (out of France).

And finally, I went into KCDC Skateshop a couple days ago and was told that we had a board in the Product Geek section of The Skateboard Mag. I flipped through and found that they reviewed our Aliens board!

That is on top of us being in the Board Forum section of the last FTK and we also have a couple other things in the works too. We have been busy overall. Our booth at the Maloof Money Cup in Queens went pretty well. Besides the clouds of dust blowing through the tent, we got to meet a lot of you and Queens has a new skatepark! Team rider, Jerry Yates, and photog, Ben Kilpatrick, are coming to NYC in a week and half and are ready to get to work killing some NYC spots proper. Jerry has never been here before, so he is pretty stoked.

We have been keeping the shop page pretty up-to-date, so check it to see if we are in a shop near you yet!