I hope you are following us on Facebook or on Twitter, because we are updating those much more than we are updating the website. If you are then you already know about Nick Blanco winning the Naysayer Pop Off Contest, with Andrew Metzger and Alan Osgood coming in second and third, respectively. Here is the video of their submissions:

Naysayer Pop Off Contest Winner from Naysayer Skateboards on Vimeo.

All three of them were epic and it wasn’t easy to pick a winner, but the team casted their votes and Nick came out on top. He sent in this photo of his prizes:

We also posted some footage from the trip to Boston I took with the flow guys, Maurice and Nabi. Well, me and Nabi went because Maurice is going to school up there at Northeastern, so he showed us around. Most of our time was spend getting kicked out of almost every spot before we even took the camera out to film, but here is what we did capture.

Naysayer Boston Flow Trip from Naysayer Skateboards on Vimeo.

I spoke to Jerry today and it looks like we will have some footage coming out way for a proper clip or two of our Georgia boy. So look out for that in the nearish future. He is on a mission, because on top of all that, he is still filming a part for the Naysayer video and working on a full interview for FTK. Speaking of, grab the new FTK and Focus mags when they come out. There should be lots of Naysayer goodness in both of them.