The Pop Off Contest ends at the end of the month (March 31st). So go get busy filming and/or shooting photos of your tricks that don’t involve popping into them. Bonus points for lines linking multiple tricks that meet the criteria. The team will be judging and the best ones will go into a montage. The winner gets a Naysayer board. Creativity is weighed higher than skill/difficulty itself. So anyone can take it…just think outside of the box.

Just to clarify for the Pop Off Contest: Your skateboard must make contact with whatever obstacle you are skating before leaving the ground. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t count. No bonelesses into thing, no no-complying into things. You could, however, do whatever you’d like out of your trick. There is an exception for no-complies…you can no-comply polejam/wallie/wallride (since your board doesn’t leave the ground before hitting the obstacle.