We haven’t updated the site much, but if you are following us on Twitter or Facebook, you can stay up to date without having to come here. We update those regularly, especially Twitter. Get on that! Plus, once we get enough Facebook fans (1,000), we have a fun contest in store.

We turned in the ads for Focus and FTK and both of those mags should be coming out any day now. Check them out, they are good ones. I am thinking about starting an “ad anatomy” for our ads after they come out. Been thinking about it for a while, so it might happen soon. Some people love the ads, other hate them. This will at least let you know the rationale/thoughts behind them.

Oh, we mentioned that we are starting on a full-length Naysayer video, right? We have sorta started, even though some of the guys are still finishing other parts. It will probably come out next year sometime, but we are aiming to get a full part out of everybody. Not to mention a health dose of footage from our friends and more laughs. We have an East Coast tour planned for this summer with the whole team. Hadrien will be over from Paris and while we don’t have our route planned out yet, Skatopia is on the agenda.

Also, the new boards came in and are available. If your local shop doesn’t have any, tell them to shoot us an email (info@naysayerskateboards.com). There is a delay in the Alien board, however, but I will add the Rick Rollin’ and NaysLayer cruiser to the online store for those of you without a shop that carries Naysayer nearby.

I know it is delayed posting on here (it was posted on Facebook and Twitter a long time ago though *hint*hint*), but here is Dylan’s ad from the last Focus with 2nd Nature as the Featured Shop: