January has been a busy month for us here at Naysayer. I figured I would do a photo run down of some of the happenings using some of the photos I took and a grip of photos Ben sent me over.

The craziness started off with the Focus Show in Philly on the 4th and 5th. I headed over there on the 3rd with Maurice and met up with our friend Greg “Ginger” Pachell of the Gnarhammered Crew and One Skateboards. He played host to us, along with his ginger cats!

This was our first tradeshow and we weren’t really sure what to do, so we just set up our gear and ran to Target up the street to get an extension cord and a lamp, which we duct taped to the wall to light us up.

Then I flew down to Atlanta and met up with Steve Shiver (Tallahassee’s premiere filmer). It ended up being 25 degrees! We skated a couple spots then met up with our homie Luke who happens to be roomates with Element’s Matt Fink. They took us over the the Atlanta Foundation (you probably know it by the bump to bump kickflip Allen Ying shot of Grant Taylor). Fink was killing it. That guy is extremely under-rated. We scoped out a couple spots int he area then just headed to Tallahassee to meet up with Ben Kilpatrick (North Florida’s best photog) and Jerry Yates then headed to Jacksonville, FL.

Josh Adams was so kind as to put us up for our time there and he graciously took all Jerry’s money in daily games of cee-lo.

Josh had a ginger cat too…

Josh, Ben, & Jerry

Jacksonville held nothing back on this trip. Within a few minutes at the first spot, I got a hipper & swelbow and Jerry had a bloody hand. He looks stoked!!!

Ben shot the first sequence of me at that skatepark actually. Naturally seeing the barrier there, I had to skate it. 5-0 fakie.

Steve capturing the action.

Candy and skate videos.

I got to play around with Ben’s camera at some pizza joint we went to and it lets you set specific focus points. I chose the dog.

We checked out the gnarly Atlantic Beach park Grindline built. It is one of those park that you have to skate a while to get used to. Jerry jumped right into some frontside ollies over the doorway.

Josh took us to this bank to bank spot where you could do trick across a step. I re-upped my hipper there and Jerry showed us that he bleeds chocolate syrup from his legs. I got a couple sequences there too, but I haven’t seen then yet. They aren’t that big of a deal anyway.

The last day we skated some random sketchy spots and while we didn’t really get anything, we did find some cool stuff. This cop was asking what we were doing when we were cleaning this spot up. He was cool with it.

Ben flashing!

This spot was super sketchy. It was a lot harder to skate than it looks, but this kid Nick Blanco casually blasted perfect nollie flips into (3 of them actually). Stylish too!

We went back to Tallahassee because Jerry had to get back to Georgia for work and met up with Pete with an foot in limbo from a recent injury. We decided to go to the skatepark to keep it mellow.

Pete is secretly Batman. Shhh…

Ben wasn’t able to shoot the whole time due to work, but Pete did end up getting some clips. Then we jumped back into the car, and Steve, Pete, and myself headed down to Tampa for the Moat Show.

We met up with Wayne and Morgan since they were there for the Moat Show too. Wayne is actually the Dekline rep and was working the Tum Yeto booth…plus, they were also showing some Deep South product.

We actually got a tent this time and while we didn’t have signs or banners or anything, we just stickered it and hung up some boards.

We brought some photos of Jerry that Ben had laying around and used stickers to tape them to the posts.

Steve had to take a quick trip down to Miami, so Pete and Morgan mostly helped hold the booth down.

Even down in Tampa is was pretty chilly the whole time. We tried skating around at night a little, but we were staying downtown and most of the skateable spots were knobbed. I came back to NYC and the weather has been unseasonable nice here, however.