A Rundown

So I decided to finally get on here and post some updates (plus updating the team section). Here is a rundown of what we have been up to…

We have been doing a lot of Instagramming with photos from our adventures (travels from Paris to Norfolk to Charlotte to SF to Richmond to Boston and so on). If you have an iPhone or Android, check us out on Instagram: @naysayerskate

Jon Wagner had the last part in a homie video called Bachelor Party.

Angel got a couple spinning tricks here.

Piro had a part on SLAP in conjunction with Paradise Wheels.

We went out to SF with Colin Read and he made a couple clips for SLAP. Here is the Night Clip, and here is the Day Clip.

Piro has been in a bunch of Colin Read’s NY Clips on SLAP, killing it. Most notably he was in the viral Subway Skating Clip. Then there was the Car Skating Clip. And he was in this Nightlights Clip. This was from the day after the “hurricane” in NYC. Here is one with random summer footage. There was also a clip featuring the whole team.

Piro won the Valentine’s Day Massacre Contest at the Skatepark of Tampa.

The Bloby’s video finally came out! Vincent got the last part. Hadrien (who also made the video) had a part too. You can check out all the other parts on the Bloby’s YouTube channel.

House of Vans session with Jon & Piro.

Angel Cardenas on Naysayer

If you have been following us on Facebook, you might have seen when we added Angel Cardenas to the team. Here is his Mag Minute from The Skateboard Mag site. Angel is from Rancho Cucamonga, CA (right outside of L.A.), which makes him our first rider not from either the East Coast or France. We are stoked to have him on the team! Welcome, Angel.

A Naysayer Halloweekend

Happy Halloween, friends! It is that time of year again for our annual Halloween clip. This year’s clip was filmed and edited by Nabi Salomon. Check it out!

Here are some photos that Ryan Zimmerman shot on the first day that we filmed:

Piro Sierra – Barrier Ollie

Eby Ghafarian – Kickflip Fakie

Eby Ghafarian – Wallride 5-0

Now on to clips of Halloweens past:

Hollow Weiner, 2010

Bummer in the City, 2009

Trouble In Paradise

Coming off of our two week summer tour, you would think that I’d have a ton of photos and updates…but alas, I don’t. Our van got robbed twice in Montreal and we lost most of the footage and almost all of the photos from the trip. Included in the plunder was my Macbook, with all my Naysayer stuff on it. I just figured out how to access the site (most of my stuff was bookmarked), but I still can’t get into my email yet, so if you sent any, it is just sitting there for now. As we figure out what we do have left from the trip, I will post some updates.

Paris Update #4

I am back in NYC now. Paris is an amazing city and I definitely plan to go back. Here are the remaining photos…

Steve has some unfinished business with this 36 stair rail…next time!

The people in this building at the next spot were yelling at us, throwing brownies, and calling the police.

One of the brownies that got thrown.

It took 6 police to take our names and give us the boot. They didn’t even have guns…

Luidgi’s not sweating it…

There are a bunch of these in the shop windows on Hadrien’s street.

Sundays = street markets everywhere.

Later Paris…stay beautiful. xoxo

Paris Update #3

So this update was supposed to go up yesterday morning, but since my internetz decided to go MIA, I couldn’t post them, so here there are now. I will post the final update tonight or tomorrow, heading to the airport to fly back to NYC now.

On Wednesday we started off at Bercy, skating the ledges.

Nabi – Front Blunt. Super out of focus. Let’s call it art.

Ben filming Oliver at the university on his GoPro.

Hadrien – Nollie Nosegrind.

Vincent – Mach 10 Noseblunt.

From the university, I decided to go skate around by myself and found these sick banks on the bridge.

I also found these guys.

That night I went to hang with a friend and found this pretty view. *We all went there last night and it was no so pretty…full of people and garbage and the smell of urine.*

The next morning, me and Nabi caught the 6am train to Bordeaux. Nobody else wanted to go, so just the two of us did.

3 hours…

5boro’s Guillaume Dulout met us at the train station and let us crash with him.

Just as Guilaume was sitting down on this Eiffel Tower seat, some dude that worked there walked up to kick us out. He was bummed on us taking a photo of the chair for some reason.

We skated the skatepark for a while until the Riot Skateshop (across the street from it) opened. It is the biggest skateshop that I have ever seen and it stocks mostly hard goods. So legit.


They had the chillest dog in the planet there…which makes sense, since Bordeaux was was of the chillest places I have been. Very laid back.

This bridge had one arc for each letter of Napoleon’s full name.

Cruising to spots.

Julio rented a bike to help transport his filming gear.

We skated this spot first, which was pretty fun and sketchy at the same time. Paul – Backside Bluntslide (to forward).

We linked up with a couple Bloby’s who were there too: Kevin and Valentin. Here is a far off view of Valentin 180ing some stairs in a line.

Paul – Ollie. This was crazed because he was threading the needle between two posts to ollie pretty hefty over a bar.

So rad.


Leo Valls and Kevin Rodrigues.

Guitar Hero sesh at Paul’s.

Paul’s cat…hard the sharpest nails. Cute, but deadly.

Guillaume’s bottle from the 5boro board graphic Oliver did.

New wave.

Guillaume borrowed someone’s car so we could get to some spots on the outside of the city.

Valentin getting angles.

Eby – Beanplant Fakie.

Nabi – FS 5-0 Fakie.

Guillaume – FS Feeble.

Got rained out for our last couple hours in Bordeaux.

1st class cabin in the train back to Paris…so much more comfortable.

The train had outlets, so skate videos were watched.

Paris Update #2

So another couple days down in Paris. It has been consistently rad. Here is another look through some photos along the way.

Hadrien – 5-0 Fakie.

Nabi – Wallride.

Gare De Austerlitz train station.

Nabi on Nozbone’s CCTV.

Oliver and his homie, haha.

Gregoire – Front Blunt.

Vincent – No Comply.

Mathias – Frontside Wallride.

All yellow everything.

Roman navigating me through the Paris back streets to find falafel somewhere.

Hoodie Crew.

Seine River Lurks.


One more day in Paris, then Bordeaux for a couple days, then 2 more days in Paris (for me, at least…the others will be here a couple days longer).

Paris Update #1

It’s our third day in Paris visiting Hadrien Buhannic and the Bloby’s Crew. It has been great so far. Perfect weather, amazing spots, good people, and some productive skating. I annihilated my ankle 2 minutes into getting to the first spot, which sucked, but have been icing, soaking, and tiger balming it and was able to skate a bit yesterday. Ben Kilpatrick has shot some epic photos so far that I am sure will surface soon. In the meanwhile, here are some photos I shot on my digi.

The bus from the airport to the city to meet up with everyone at Nozbone Skateshop.

We are staying at Hadrien’s place. Here is the view out the window.

Emerica shirt, USA bag…it is like we are home!

Second spot of the second day. Hadrien Buhannic – Wallride.

Luidgi Gaydu – Wallride.

Nabi Salomon – Ally-oop wallride.

Roman Gonzalez – Frontside wallride revert.

Third spot, second day. Valentin Jutant – Bluntslide.


This dog was regulating.

Greg Dezecot and Ben Kilpatrick bumming a beggar out with their angles.

Seeking out food.


Caution: Bananas. Don’t get caught slippin’.

Ended the night at La Seine River.

Les Bloby’s.

Eby Ghafarian – Invert. No big deal… ;)

State of the Union

Hey doodz. So, obviously, this site hasn’t really been updated in a minute. But that is because we are hip with the times and are using Facebook as our primary form of communication to the masses. Anyway, we have been doing things, regardless of what it may have seemed like on this site. We are in the process of making another promo, which we aim to put out by the end of May. Me (Eby Ghafarian), Nabi Salomon (flow-er), and Ben Kilpatrick (photog) are going to France for a late April/early May trip. We are meeting up with Hadrien Buhannic (Naysayer) and his crew, the Bloby’s, for some shredding around Paris, and perhaps Bordeaux. Hopefully we will get some cool stuff for the promo and a rad trip clip.

So there have been some team change ups. Dylan James left the team to go pursue another opportunity in the works (which I cannot divulge just yet). It was rad having him on the team for the first year and I know he will keep doing big things. He rips, no question. But with that loss came a gain, times two. We added Tim Bennett and Jon Wagner to the team. Both all terrain destroyers. Tim has a fun, creative take on skateboarding, with the skills to back it up. Jon is a monster that skates with power and balance. So stoked to have these dudes as a part of the program. Here is the welcome video we put together from a trip out to GardenSk8 in NJ on an icy day:

The weekend before this past one was my birthday and I wanted to take a trip somewhere. At first I was going to head to AZ or Austin, TX or something, then I decided to just rent a car and take Tim and Nabi down to Richmond, VA with me. None of us had been, other than driving through, so it seemed like a good idea. Our homie Andrew Bumgarner from Charlotte, NC meet us there too. We stopped in Philly on our way down to skate some and ended up bringing our good friend, Kevin Brooks, with us, since we had room. We met up with some people we knew and got to meet other rad folk while there. Shout outs to Clement for letting us stay with him. The spots were crusty, but super fun. I know skating rocks in kinda in, but we went next level and skated on rocks in the James River. So fun! I am going to stop typing now and just leave you with the videos. The second one is a clip Nabi made.

Naysayer Road Trip :: From The Apple To The Orange

From the November/December Issue of Focus East Coast Skateboarding Culture Magazine:

Naysayer Road Trip :: From The Apple To The Orange
Words :: Eby Ghafarian Photography :: Ben Kilpatrick

Traveling the country with skateboards can be a great experience full of fun and laughter, but there is a whole other side to it, as well…and that is what I am going to focus on here. Don’t get me wrong; we had a ton of fun and experiences we will remember forever, but we are Naysayers and will focus on the bad. You don’t need to hear about our inside jokes. You don’t want to read about the awkwardly hilarious encounters the three Parisians with us had in the dirty south. You have no desire to be told of, tour guest, Piro Sierra’s drunken antics resulting in one-liners that would make Bob Saget blush. And why would you even care about the suspect sleeping arrangements, from the Tetris board of bodies on the floor of many abodes to Maurice and Gregoire’s frequent, yet unintentional, snuggles in the back of the Charger? You just had to have been there. What is more important to you is what you should be wary of next time you hit the road with your homies; things not to do and what to look out for when traveling three thousand miles from NYC to Florida and back. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

No Sleep
Sleep is a waste of your limited, thus valuable time. Party all you want into the wee hours of the morning, but you better keep your momentum going through the rest of the day with skateboarding. After all, every hour of daylight you spend sleeping instead of skating, an angel dies. Don’t kill angels with your laziness. And don’t complain that you just went to sleep 2 hours ago when I wake you up at 9am to skate, busters.

BP = Oil Spills
Remember when BP spilled out tons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico like some marks? We did, so we boycotted those Brits and would drive way off the beaten path to find gas elsewhere. Only when you stop using BP do you realize how HUGE they are! How are they still in business?! Down with those fools!

Tit For Tat
Want to see some tits on the road? Stop right there and listen to these words: you get what you pay for. Unless you are driving through Mardi Gras or Panama City Beach during Spring Break, it doesn’t matter how clever a sign you make, you aren’t going to get flashed young, perky tits from a hottie. What you are going to get is a window full of floppy boobage courtesy of some fatties/oldies looking to get the attention of some young skater boys. Some things cannot be unseen, so don’t take the risk.

Riding the Heat Wave
Don’t go on tour in late July, especially down south! With only two days of the two-week trip not breaking 100 degrees, it isn’t possible to drink as fast as you sweat. Perhaps your childhood dream of becoming California Raisin will finally come true, but please dry up before getting back in the car. The vehicles will smell beyond prime by the second city.

Mobbing the Spot
Crowds tend to draw attention, especially out side of NYC. So when you are rolling nine deep, on top of the people showing you around, people will take notice. You will get kicked out of spots and have the cops called by people too intimidated to give you the boot themselves. Oh, you should also leave as much trash behind at spots too. I hear that is a great way to stake claim on a spot for skaters and totally doesn’t ruin things for the locals in whatever city you are in.

This was the first ever Naysayer Skateboards tour, so we learned a lot along the way. We learned to be careful where you park when barging a pool in an apartment complex at 2am, otherwise you will all end up in your wet boxers surrounding the tow truck driver negotiating what you can pay him to not tow you. We also learned that skateboarders are still down to help each other out. We only had a place to crash set up in a couple of the cities with full intentions of camping when all else failed, but were hooked up by some amazing people all along the East Coast, including ones we met that very same day. We would like to give a shout out to all of the people that put us up and all of the skate shops that linked us up with some of those people and gave us spots lists. Moral of the story: don’t listen to anything I just said. Just jump in the van and figure it out as you go…

JERRY YATES [nosegrind gap out] Birmingham, AL

PIRO SIERRA [lipslide from bank to bank] Philadelphia, PA

MAURICE LEEKE [noseblunt] Atlanta, GA

PIRO SIERRA [50-50] Brooklyn, NY

EBY GHAFARIAN [frontside wallride] Charlotte, NC

NABI SALOMON* [nosegrind end to end**] Manhattan, NY
(*Nabi’s last name was spelled wrong & **it said the nosegrind was a pop out in the article caption, it happens…)